IMG_2357Hi all, and welcome to my first blog post!!

In my future blogs I’m going to be sharing some of my baking tips and recipes with you all. My daughter will and also be sharing fun things for the children to do too (she’s only 6, so that should be fun and messy! 😉 )
If you’ve time to keep reading I’d love to introduce myself properly.

I’m Rachel, and Corner House cakes became my little baby 2 1/2 years ago now in December 2013. After leaving school at 16, I became a makeup artist, gents barber, beautician, got my person licence to run a pub, a diploma in hospitality management.

Then as if all that didn’t keep me busy I had my son at 23 years old. I gave up everything work wise to look after my son and I loved being at home watching him and helping him grow. Two years later I had my daughter and was still loving being a full time mum. For her Christening I made cupcakes, it was so much fun and I found my love from baking from there. Baking with the children was great, both they loved it as did I!

I found myself baking and teaching myself new skills all the time. The children started school and after moving into a new house called ‘The corner house I thought I’d give it a go and see if I could turn my hobby and passion for baking into a business. So that’s where Corner house cakes has come from.

My mission now it to try and get more families baking and being in the kitchen together, it really is fun to get messy every now and again! 😀

To stay up to date with all my blogs, recipe shares and any gossip I hear 😉 you can sign up to them on my website page

Thanks for sticking around this long and speak soon, take care
Rach x



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